I am back

Yep. Startin over kids. Stay tuned.

Being sick will make you forget things.

Purely absent minded on this one. I’m aware of why I missed it however, routine is different on the weekends. Add that to the fact that i’ve been sick all weekend and I can totally understand why it was missed. Either way, Day 1 again.

Day 1. A new, new beginning.

A new day. When i started this, i had no idea how difficult it would become. Now that i am several months one month and several restarts in, I have more empathy for people seemingly stuck in unproductive cycles. I have all the respurces a peraon could ask for, and yet, simply reccording data on a website consistently for 21 consecutive days eludes me. I cannot imagine what someone with a serious addiction or handicap of some type must go through when pursuing peraonal improvement.

These challenges have led to a mental re-tooling of this project. The goal is simply to do one thing consistently, for 21 consecutive days, and blog about it each day, which, technically, is two things. With that, as lame as it sounds, I am committing to merely opening the weight watcher site one time per day, between 9 and 10 AM. That’s it. Just opening it.

This approach is largely based on the Kaizen principles of small incremenral improvements.

Wish me luck. Here I go again.

New Beginnings

Time flies. It’s one of those phrases we all hear but we don’t listen to very well. I’m now two weeks into what is supposed to be a project that takes roughly three, and then changes to a new project. Even thought I’m only two weeks in, I’m learning a lot about perseverance. When I began this, my intent was two-fold. One, I needed a way to stick to Weight Watchers, and two, I wanted to test the truthiness of the 21 days idea. Neither of those things has occurred, but what has, is a deepening of my understanding of the importance of hanging in there.

I come from a somewhat, interesting background. One where I was never really encouraged to stick with anything. Consequently, I learned neither the intrinsic nor the personal value of seeing something through. I’ve been fortunate in that, I’m relatively good at seeing things through on the behalf of others, or out of survival (read: work). Seeing something of personal value through to the end remains elusive. This project is helping me to lift the veil on the face of tenacity, and I think she’s kinda cute. Due to that, my intent is to continue to plug away with this to the bitter end (which, in this case, would mean my untimely demise, because this is a habit I’m attempting to develop).

On to tomorrow.